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Watch as Parents helps you find birth plan strategies! You may plan ahead for the perfect labor and delivery experience, but consider some new insights that result in a more relaxing delivery both for you and your doctors. Keep your birthing plan as simple as possible by conserving it to one or two pages and using bullet points to communicate your ideas. Talk through your wishes regarding your birth plan template with your partner and doctor to make sure everyone is on the same page and clearly understands how you would like to go about giving birth. Inevitably, many birth plans will experience a hiccup once in the delivery room, bringing disappointment to mom and dad. New parents should never feel disappointed once they’re holding a healthy baby in their arms, regardless of how according-to-plan the delivery was. Establish a way to announce the good news to family and friends in your birthing plan, such as delegating this job to your partner through group text messages or posts on Facebook. Everybody will be craning to see a picture of your new baby. Remember that even if your birth plan goes awry, the only thing that matters is that you give birth to a healthy baby!

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