Lucy Liu Welcomes A Son – His Adorbs Name and Secret Birth

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If you love Lucy Liu, you're probably just as surprised as we were to learn that the 46-year-old actress is a new mom. This black-and-white image posted to Twitter introducing her new son Rockwell Lloyd Liu, caught all of us off guard. Copyright Lucy Liu It has been confirmed that Lucy used a [...]

15 Baby Names in Honor of the John Muir Trail

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If your little soon-to-be trail warrior is due for an adventurous name, why not don the name of some of the lakes, passes, peaks, flora, or fauna from one of the most amazing trails in the United States - the John Muir Trail. [divider] Muir After John Muir himself. [divider] Lyell Named after the Lyell [...]

Baby Name of The Day: America

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America, America, God shed his grace on thee. The name America holds so much meaning. Maybe you're a family actively protecting our country. Perhaps you want to honor someone in your family. Maybe you're a patriot and you want to show it by naming your kiddo after the country you love. Add this name to [...]

10 Baby Names for Outdoor Lovers

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Some of us live for the outdoors. I am writing this blog post while sitting on my back porch overlooking the Sierra mountains, drooling over posts from a local hiking group and waiting until 2017 to join them (I am currently 5 months pregnant). Outdoorsy names are increasing in popularity. Names like Hunter and Gunnar [...]