14 Pregnant Mama’s Who Rocked Their Bikini

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Not sure if you can rock a bikini with your baby bump? These 14 mama's prove that pregnancy is the PERFECT time to rock that bumpini. Whether on the beach or by the pool, there's always a good reason to keep that bump nice and cool. Thank u everyone for making me feel confident and [...]

11 Pregnant Mermaid Photography Sessions You Need To See

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Mermaids have been all the rage for the last year or so, but did you know that mermaid maternity photography is a thing? Yes, all of the yaassses. It is and we're about to break out one of the best collections of mermaid imagery known to female kind. Yes, this entire post is full of [...]

27 Magical Milk Bath Maternity Photography Sessions

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Milk bath maternity arrived on the scene a few years ago and it's been making us all swoon ever since. Maternity photographers have embraced this idea and as you'll see in the images we're about to share, they're nailing it. While we're giving props, we'd like to thank these moms who undoubtedly thought their photographer [...]

Countryside Maternity Session by Little Lamb Photography

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This is our FIRST ever maternity session submission and we have to say that we LOVED every second of the time we spent looking through these images. You'll have to scroll to the bottom and follow the link to Little Lamb Photography's website to see the whole gallery. In the meantime, we have to say [...]