First Trimester of Pregnancy — Tests and Screening 0 31

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Watch as Parents Magazine shows you what to expect during a first trimester screening! A first trimester screening is a blood test and sonogram that checks the genetics of the baby. The screening shows chromosome abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18. First trimester screening is non-invasive and will give a patient her risk of having a child with a disability. By undergoing a first trimester screening, the doctor can also see the thickness of the baby’s neck. This indicates if the baby is going to be born with a disability. The results are available when the sonogram is completed. Maternity 21 is a second test that can be completed to receive a clearer read on how likely her baby has a disability. Be sure to watch so you know what to expect during your first trimester screening!

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