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Watch as Parents gives you this hospital bag checklist! When the big day finally arrives, make sure you’re well-prepared for your stay with this hospital bag checklist. Make sure you place an inexpensive pair of flip flops in your pregnancy hospital bag for after you give birth. You’re going to be too sore after giving birth to want to bend over and put shoes on, and they are also a must-have to use in the hospital shower, which you may not want to go into barefoot. In all of the craziness before getting to the hospital, one frequently overlooked item for your baby checklist is a cellphone charger. You’ll want to have a fully charged phone to snap adorable photos of your newborn sleeping away and to share the happy news with your family and friends who may not be able to come visit. Another necessity for your hospital bag is a white noise machine or a small fan. Catching some zzz’s may be difficult in a stuffy hospital room where people are coming and going at all hours of the day, and you’ll definitely want to get some rest while the baby sleeps. Having a fan or white noise machine will just make sleep come that much easier for you in this different environment. Hopefully, you’ll have your hospital bag for labor packed with plenty of time before you go into labor, but it may not have even occurred to you to pack an empty bag. This way, you’ll have a place to store all the gifts visitors bring you and any freebies the hospital may be able to give you. Place an empty folder inside, as well, to store important paperwork from the hospital, including your baby’s footprints. Have your hospital bag list ready to go ahead of time, and you won’t feel as overwhelmed as you could be when the time comes to use it!

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