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So, I’m encouraging you again to check out Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution on ABC every Friday… and here is a link to his TED Prize speach “Teach Your Children About Food.”
And you may be asking, “Why are you showing me shows about the food and health of elementary and high school children and adults, I’m pregnant? Or, “I have a newborn.” Because the time is now. Just like our tagline, “Motherhood Begins Now” so does planning and focusing on the nutrition and health of your child, it begins now, while you are pregnant. Obviously we all know that what we consume while we are pregnant impacts the growing fetus. There are warning signs at grocery cash registers reminding about the impact of alcohol, for example. We avoid certain food and beverages while pregnant and we increase the intake of others, all in support of growing a healthy baby.
The same happens after birth. Choices, choices, choices. Breast feeding or formula, when to introduce solids, which solids first. Organic? It is time to think about what your values are, what your concerns are, and what outcome you are looking for. How will you continue that after the baby is born, when the toddler starts to nibble finger food, and later what to feed your 5 year old and your 15 year old?
I encourage you to think, ponder, explore, sample, read, surf the net, talk to health care providers, talk to nutritionists, talk to holistic medicine experts, talk to your friends, family, community, talk to your mate…and then, make choices based on the sum of ALL THAT RESEARCH! Start now, and have fun, and be certain that your actions now create the foundation of where you will stand during all the years that you prepare and shop for your family.
Be Well, Alisa