How To Tell Your Parent’s You’re Pregnant By The Guy They Hate 0 127

Telling your parents they are about to become grandparents is usually a joyous occasion, but what happens when you tell your parents the guy they absolutely despise is the father of their grandchild?

There’s usually three reactions you can expect. Some people may experience all three from their parents. Typically though, you’ll get one of these:

  • Disappointment.
  • Anger.
  • Excitement.

Before you blurt out the pregnancy news, you need to develop a game plan. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s take it a step at a time.

Do they know you’re having sex?

If you’re a minor, your parents are going to react a little differently than if you’re 27. This article is taking all of that into consideration. Obviously if you’re living with the guy, they’re going to know there’s something happening, but if they’re 99% sure you’re a virgin, the chances of them being shocked are going to be higher than usual.

How do they feel about sex outside of marriage?

AND, if they hate the guy, let’s add the shock that you’re now bound to that person for the rest of your life as an added anxiety.




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