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Watch as Parents answers your question: “What is the ancient Chinese gender predictor?” You wouldn’t use a Magic 8-Ball as a gender predictor for your baby, yet moms around the world swear by an ancient Chinese gender chart to discover if they’re having a boy or girl. Some claim that the Chinese gender calendar is able to predict gender accuracy by as much as 90 percent with no ultrasounds or tests involved. All that is used as a gender predictor is the mom’s age and the month she got pregnant. Sound too good to be true? Legend has it the Chinese gender predictor chart was invented during the Qing dynasty in what is now Beijing and has been in use for over 300 years. In its original use, the gender predictor test was used to help couples conceive boys, which was the cultural preference in China. Today it’s just used as a fun tool to try and predict what gender your baby may be. Try out this baby gender test to see what gender your baby is for free on parents.com. Who knows, the Chinese gender predictor may be more accurate than you think!

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