10 Baby Names for Outdoor Lovers

Some of us live for the outdoors.

I am writing this blog post while sitting on my back porch overlooking the Sierra mountains, drooling over posts from a local hiking group and waiting until 2017 to join them (I am currently 5 months pregnant).

Outdoorsy names are increasing in popularity. Names like Hunter and Gunnar are moving up in the popularity list at light speed.

Regardless, you can find a unique and interesting name to leave your lasting ode to the outdoors. We managed to scrape up 10 amazing names that aren’t overused and are absolutely ADORBS!

Here’s our list of 10 super cute baby names for outdoors lovers.


  1. Trekker

  2. Stone

  3. Fox

  4. Ridge

  5. Sparrow

  6. Fisher

  7. River

  8. Rio

  9. Canyon

  10. Archer

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