10 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

There are so many ideas floating around for creative pregnancy announcements these days that it’s nearly impossible to choose one. For me, announcing to my husband, our family, friends and extended family and friends gave us an opportunity to use many ideas.

Announcing to your husband is one of many announcements you’ll have to make. This is one I hope you take the time to enjoy. As for me, I was in such shock about #4 that I literally called him at work gasping and he showed up at home thinking I was dying.



Hello Dad.

Simple and to the point. Pair a little card with your positive preggo test.



First comes love.

As if this saying isn’t timeless enough. Incorporate it into your pregnancy announcement plans and rock away.


Chalk bumps.

Should we tell this that this is the most adorbs way to use a chalk wall, like ever?

They could keep using this wall as the pregnancy progresses and as baby grows.


Books A Million.
If you’re just going to put it out there, why not…


The Tricycle.

My husband would have loved to have done this when we announced. So simple and sweet. Have we mentioned timeless? Smack this on a photo canvas for forever.


Birth year.

Dad, Mom and future baby’s birth years with cute little shoes.

Le sigh.


Movie poster.

It feels about like a movie, doesn’t it.

Super cute and unique, this movie poster idea is perfect for the mom and dad with a sense of humor.



He thought it was all fun and games.

Until …

This super cute pregnancy announcement for twins is perfect for just about anyone who wants to announce and is going to be pulling double duty.



Okay, so maybe it’s been used a few times, but it’s simple and cute and who doesn’t like Prego smeared all over their pasta?


MMmmmm Chocolate.

So people come over and you nonchalantly place a bowl of yummo chocolate in front of them.

And then … they see it ….


We would love to see your pregnancy announcement ideas. Post a link to your photo in the comments!



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