10 Things To Do While on Bedrest

You’re trying to keep your squish in your belly as long as you can and you’ve been put on bedrest. Here’s 10 ideas for things to do while on bedrest.

10. Get a kindle. There are so many amazing books. Start with the ones that will hook you. The Harry Potter series is sure to take you a couple solid weeks. Follow it with a movie marathon. Follow that idea by trailing after every book made into a movie.

9. Start a blog. Write about your thoughts, your fears, what you’re occupying your time with today.

8. Write a book. Any book. Ebooks. Ibooks. Anything you like.

7. Join FB groups for moms on bed rest. DO NOT join groups where people have fake names and like to bully other users. Trust me on this one.


6. Take up a craft. If you’ve ever wanted to knit, sew or be the next Brit + Co., today is the day.

5. Pin everything. Every project, idea, patio decoration, color scheme or party theme you’ve ever thought about. At least you’ll have the world’s most rockin Pinterest account.

4. Learn a language. How cool would it be to have a bilingual child? Learn a language you’ve always wanted now and then you’ll be able to chat it up in dual languages when your little is born.

3. Watch endless series episodes. Lost. Walking Dead. Vampire Diaries. Get started.

2. Shop, create registries and get ready for your bundle.

1. Look up everything you ever wanted to know about. You’re your own captive audience. Use the time to grow.

This list of 10 things to do while on bedrest is just the beginning. Use this list to expand and make your own list. Heck, blog about it and post the link to your list here in the comments.



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