10 Winter Maternity Dresses You Need For An Amazing Photo Shoot

If you’re pregnant during the winter and still want those fairy tale maternity sessions, look no further than this post. Seriously, we’re ogling over these masterpiece pregnancy gowns that will make that dreamy winter photo session a reality.

We’re starting off with a show stopper. This beautiful gown by Silk Fairies also comes in a STUNNING jewel blue.

Silk Fairies is back with a velvet blue gown that is sure to make the heirloom wall-sized canvas of your dreams.

We couldn’t find this dress with a sample maternity photo session, but these sleeves. G.A.H!!! Someone please grab this one and get it in front of a snowy winter maternity session for us, puh-leaassseee?!?!

Grab this winged beauty here.

If you’re not a snow kind of gal, the cool tones in this dress make for a perfect indoor shoot with natural winter light. I mean, who doesn’t love these tones?

This tulle skirt is the perfect addition to that perfect coverlet. This is great for indoor or outdoor sessions and would be an amazing addition if you’re wanting to take photos in the future with the little girls in your family.

This gown is so amazing, I had to grab one of the indoor and one of the outdoor session photos. This dress would be amazing for anyone who wants to do an indoor and outdoor session. You can get this from ManuallyProps on Etsy.

Dreams Dresses is so unique that I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like it for quite some time. This dress is a unique style and color, which makes it equally perfect for that perfect maternity photography session.

Leah Marie Couture rounds out our list with one of the most stunning black maternity dresses we have ever seen. This gown set against a white snow backdrop is the definition of epic.

No matter which dress you choose, any of these gowns are sure to make for an epic photo. If you have used one of these gowns in your photo session, be sure to tag us on IG @IHeartPregnancy and we’ll repost.



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