100+ of Our Favorite Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Ideas

Who doesn’t love a fresh 48? Tiny wrinkly babies and families glowing with pride. It doesn’t get much better than this. Seriously. This round up of AMAZING inspiration has us wishing we’d had some of these ideas. Whether you’re going all out and hiring a photographer for the occasion or using a crafty family member, these fresh 48 newborn images are among our favorites.

Every photographer (credits below) captured something a little different. Some were there from the start of labor all the way through to the arrival at home. Others captured first meetings with siblings, grandparents and pets. The details – hair, toes, fingers – simply can’t be missed.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

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We went through each fresh 48 set and created a simple favorites list of what we felt made that grouping stand out. We hope you enjoy.

We want to know which was your favorites. Leave the number and your choice in the comments.

  1. Favorite of this set: hair.



2. Favorite of this set: mom and dad in the background. AWE!!



3. Favorite of this set: eyes.


4. Favorite of this set: toes.66c49bad4aaea9fc24db68e4586287fd

5. Favorite of this set: siblings.


6. Favorite of this set: family.



7. Favorite of this set: belly button.




8. Favorite of this set: mama.


9. Favorite of this set: sweet face.



10. Favorite of this set: just everything. <3


11. Favorite of this set: profile.


12. Favorite of this set: look. at. the. last. image. swoon.



If you’re considering a Fresh 48, be sure to check out our Fresh 48 Pinterest board for more inspiration.





Stephanie Moore Photography, Colie James Photography x 2, Holly Tye, Ashley Berrie, Sarah Maxey (out of business), Family Photography by Leslie, Praise Wedding, Visual Poetry by Meghan, Kelly Garvey, 5 Minute Project, Jenny Cruger Photography

One of the sets here linked to a fb page that was closed and was not watermarked.




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