7 Tips For Staying Warm When You’re Pregnant

Some pregnant women feel really warm while they’re pregnant and others just can’t get warm enough. Some of us are hot one minute and freezing the next. Our tips are perfect for all of the above. We’re going to show you how to maximize your wardrobe to stay warm and be able to cool yourself down in a hurry this winter.

1. Dress Your Bump in Layers

A tank top followed up with a tee, a cardigan and then a jacket will allow you to easily shed layers if you get to hot, but also keep you toasty warm when you’re out in the cold.

There’s no reason to be boring, so we’re just going to leave this little gem here.

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2. Get a Poncho or Infinity Scarf (Or Both!)

An infinity scarf, like this one from Scarfland on Amazon, is a great way to add an extra layer around the neck, while keeping it stylish.

3. Wear Leggings or Tights Under Your Jeans or Slacks

Want to add an extra layer on those legs? Maternity leggings will help keep you warm but also add a layer you can remove if you get to warm.

You can grab these Maternity Leggings on Amazon and they’ll grow with you!

4. Don’t Forget a Beanie & Warm Gloves

Wearing a hat and gloves in super important when you’re pregnant. You lose a lot of heat through your head and it’s an easy layer to add extra warmth that you can also remove if you get to warm.

A simple, cute beanie to add to your collection is something like this cc beanie.

Your fingers and toes are important to keep warm! Don’t forget to find a great pair of driving gloves or a pair of knit gloves that will keep your fingers warm this winter.

5. Wear a Belly Band

Wearing a belly band not only adds an extra layer of protection, it also helps with the gap between your pants and shirt if you raise your arms and provides a little extra bump support. There are so many belly bands on the market, but a simple band, like this one below, is the perfect place to start.

6. Wear Warm Boots

Wear warm boots AND – above everything else, make sure they have REAL tread for traction, especially if you live in an area prone to rain, snow and ice.

These suede chunky boots might be the perfect combo of each. That heel might not be amazing for later months in your pregnancy, but something like this would look cute paired with the items we’ve listed above.

7. Hydrate

Staying hydrated during the cold winter months will prime your body to keep your body temperature regulated. Be sure to include electrolytes too. Consider coconut water if you want a little extra boost in your hydration.

Be Prepared If You’re Traveling.

Staying warm is important when you’re pregnant, but being careful when temperatures drop and weather conditions and roads get bad is also important.

  • Make sure you have plenty of gas. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold waiting for help.
  • If you’re going to be traveling for work or play, be sure to take a backpack or bag with some extra water and various types of snacks that you can easily access.
  • Put a warm blanket and some extra gloves in the trunk.
  • Have a back-up plan should you find yourself out in the cold. Tell people where you’re going. Give your partner access to your GPS so they can find you if needed.

There has been MANY, MANY cases of people being stuck on the highway for an extended period of time during winter storms.



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