Am I Pregnant? Ways to Know for Sure

Watch as Parents tells you how to answer the big question: Am I pregnant? This situation is life-changing, so you want to know 100 percent if you are expecting or not. At-home pregnancy tests are what most women start with when determining if they are pregnant or not, but these aren’t always reliable. Early signs of pregnancy may not be detectable at this point, leading a test to come back as a false negative. Home pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone hCG, but this can only be found on home pregnancy tests once it has built up in your system. You may have to take a blood test to see if the hormone exists at even the lowest levels. Your primary care doctor, a neighborhood clinic, or Planned Parenthood can perform this test if you are wondering or experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy. If your blood tests do come up positive, you are indeed pregnant and should schedule a prenatal checkup with your doctor around eight weeks into your pregnancy. Get ready to start an exciting new chapter of your life after conceiving!

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