Announce Your Pregnancy on Valentine’s Day with These Adorable Ideas

Are you planning to announce the pregnancy news on Valentine’s Day? If you’re like most people, announcing is part of the fun. There’s so many great ideas out there that it’s hard to know where to begin. We’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas out there today.

We talked about our Valentines’ Gender Reveal Party ideas, but what if you’re just at the pregnancy announcement stage of this adventure?

We’ve rounded up the cutest ideas out there, just in time to pop the preggo news.

Host a Party & Decorate the Cake Table

If you’re wanting to let the whole family in on the secret, you could always host a party and hang this adorable poster for all to see. How cute would this be over the cake table? You can customize this adorable pregnancy announcement poster and surprise them all. And, it’s a keepsakes you’ll want to hang on to.

Letting Big Sister or Brother Do The Announcing

If you’re hoping to waltz into the family gathering and take everyone by surprise, this adorable baseball tee is a must-have.

You Get Sparkling Cider and YOU Get Sparking Cider and YOUUUU Get Sparkling Cider – And A Pregnancy Announcement.

Can you imagine Aunt Sophie and Uncle Charles trying to figure out if you just gave them a vintage and reading the bottle to see….

You can print these Valentine’s pregnancy announcement wine (or sparkling cider) labels just in time for the big announcement (these are editable so you can update the year).

Wear It Out

Cupid did his thing and now there’s a special delivery on the way. You can even have the shirt to prove it. Grab them here.

Send The Love

If you can’t announce in person, this download is the perfect solution. You could go old school and snail mail it, or use this as a way to announce on social media. Just upload and … perfection. How cute is this pregnancy announcement printable?

Let big sister or big brother send the announcement with this adorable bright pregnancy announcment printable.

Make it A Keepsakes

If you want to give future Grandma that perfect keepsakes, how about a mug she can enjoy every day?

Drink to That!

These mom and dad mugs are so cute, you need to add these to your cart even if they aren’t your main announcement.

No matter which way you choose to announce your pregnancy, congrats!! Any of these adorable ideas will make it a memorable moment.



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