Best Baby Shower Gifts for Dads

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting time for couples. With moms carrying the baby, they seem to get a lot of attention and often dads may become an afterthought. When thinking of gifts for a baby shower, don’t forget that there’s a daddy-to-be as well!

Becoming a new dad is a precious moment, but it comes with new responsibilities as well. While they may not carry the baby for nine months and go through major bodily changes, dads still have a vital role to play. From looking after their wife, taking care of their newborn baby and possibly learning to juggle between caring for his growing family and his work commitments, a first time dad definitely has his hands full in a different sort of way!

The next time you’re looking for a baby shower gift or putting together a baby shower gift registry, spare some thought for the new dad, celebrating and congratulating him on his little bundle of joy too. To get you started, here are some suggestions of meaningful, practical and unique gifts for new dads.

Dad T-Shirt

Grab a t-shirt for the dad-to-be that he can wear in the hospital or even for the first photoshoot if there’s one planned!

For the Musical Dads

This sweet baby bodysuit will definitely appeal to the musical dads.

Daddy Keyring

A keyring will always be useful and this personalized one with ‘The Moment I Became a Daddy’ will surely melt many new dad’s hearts.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

This idea is definitely a funny baby shower gift for new dads, but I also love how practical the gift is too! The diaper duty device comes with diapers, wipes, safety glasses and travel sized baby products. It’s a fun apron that can be tied onto dad’s waist when he’s on diaper duty!

Dad-to-be Mug

I love the cute little message on this mug! How true that dad will soon be able to snuggle baby in his arms as well. You also have the option to personalize the message. What a precious baby shower gift this is!

Daddy’s Co-Pilot

This beautifully embroidered bodysuit is super cute and makes for a great baby shower gift for any expectant dad!

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is handy for parents, especially when you need your hands free to complete a task and baby just needs to be carried! The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Harmony 3D Mesh is breathable, ergonomic and has a luxurious feel. It can be worn both front and back and can be used from newborn up to a max weight of 40lbs / 15kg.

Officially Dad Jokes Socks

These cute baby socks will make it official – your jokes are officially dad jokes now! A funny baby shower gift for dads with a sense of humor!

Tactical Diaper Bag for Dads

This tactical diaper bag includes a stroller strap set, detachable shoulder strap and baby changing mat. Need pockets for all of baby’s diaper changing items? You’ll find multiple interior pockets and a removable pocket divider to create a larger space.

Tactical Baby Carrier

If you’re a fan of the tactical diaper bag, you might want to grab the matching tactical baby carrier for your baby shower gift! It includes a cotton padded and machine washable liner, which we all know is necessary when it comes to babies.

I’m Wild about Daddy Onesie

Get a cute baby onesie that baby can wear proudly and declare their love for dad! I love how cute and simple this bodysuit is and makes such a fun baby shower gift for dad.

Personalized Matching Shirts

Make it a personalized gift with this matching t-shirt. Personalized last name can be added to the back and gifted to the new dad to wear, matching with his newborn!

Tumbler Gift Box Set

Here’s a matching gift box set for the new family! Mommy and Daddy tumblers with a personalized baby bodysuit definitely makes a cute baby shower gift.

Ubbi Steel Trash Can

On a more practical note, why not add a diaper trash can to the baby gift registry? The Ubbi Diaper Pail keeps the odor of diapers at bay. I love that you don’t have to buy special bags to line the trash can with, saving you money. This perfect gift will be gladly accepted by moms and dads alike.

Star Wars Matching Set

For the daddy Star War fans, there’s a Dadalorian t-shirt and The Child onesie that’s bound to be pleaser! What a unique baby shower gift for dads indeed!

Toloco Massage Gun

Newborns can mean no sleep at nights, overstretched muscles from carrying them around and just all-round weariness. Toloco Massage Gun can help relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood circulation and just allow you to enjoy the feeling of being massaged. This thoughtful and unique baby shower gift for dads will definitely be put to good use.

This list of baby shower gifts for dads is just the tip of the iceberg! Remember that dads are also welcoming their bundle of joy, so help them treasure the experience and look forward to their new family addition with some personalized gifts to them, whether they are gag gifts, funny gifts, practical gifts or even the most perfect baby shower gift that can be given to them (outside of their baby!). Who knows, the ultimate dad gift might just be here for you to pick from all these baby shower gift ideas.



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