Black and White Maternity Photography

Timeless and elegant, black and white maternity photography knows no trend. Thirty years from now these mamas will be able to look at these photographs and gasp at how insanely beautiful they were.

The gal over at Sarah Beth photo understands this with this black and white rendition of this maternity session. Of course, the color versions of this mama are equally as beautiful. Can you imagine looking back at this photo and not swooning at how absolutely vixenous you were when you were pregnant.

black and white maternity photography

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the light in this next image? This one from the now defunct Katie Church Photography website is simplicity at it’s best. Timeless and classic, this photo had to be included.

timeless black and white maternity photography

GAH! If Robert Austin Fitch doesn’t nail his maternity sessions, I don’t know who does. One look at his website and you’ll see AHH!! all through it. Seriously, go take a look and then come back and tell me how awesome this photographer is. Here’s one example of his work:


Professional NYC maternity photographer, NJ pregnancy pictures by Robert Austin Fitch Photography Fine art pregnancy pictures in NYC, New York. Artistic silhouettes - stunning pregnancy pictures

Iris Creations (website down), how I heart thee. Come back. Please. This image is probably my favorite of the entire blog post. I mean, come on. How sensually perfect is this?


This one by Jenny Collier.. GASP. What a great way to incorporate your partner into your photograph? This one will be on the mantle for years to come.




These styles range from sensual to sweet and there’s something for everyone here. Depending on your comfort level, it’s possible to find a maternity photographer that will be able to get THE shot that will be an heirloom for generations.




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