7 Reasons You Need the Haakaa If You’re Planning to Breastfeed

The Haakaa came onto the scene like a storm. The simple hand pump makes all of the sense. I mean, literally ALL of the sense. This genius contraption takes all of the parts and pieces and guesswork out of breastpumps. Literally.

Reason #1 – Parts & Pieces

Your friends might have told you about that pumping session when they were trying to get the pump washed out and dropped the valve on the floor right as they were really, really needing to get to pumping. Or, better yet, they couldn’t find the valve at all.

Most pumps have several pieces that have to be put together after washing or before use. The Haakaa completely eliminates that with this genius one-piece wonder.

Reason #2 It’s Easy to Clean

All of the yassssss. When you’re a breastfeeding mom, taking things apart and keeping them together and making sure they are sanitary for your liquid gold is of the utmost importance. This little ditty is so easy to wash out with a bottle washer.

Reason #3 It’s Great For Catching The Let Down From The Other Boob

You know that other boob that likes to let down at the same time as it’s friend? The suction on the Haakaa is so amazing that you can pop it on and continue nursing without having to hold it on or worse – lose out on that precious milk that could have been added to the stash in the refrigerator.

Reason #4 It’s Inexpensive

The Haakaa is affordable for any mom. You can easily have one in a diaper bag, one at work, one in your car, and one in the dishwasher – all for less than the price of most other handheld breast pumps.

Reason #5 It’s Lightweight and Easy to Conceal

If you’re all about being discrete or don’t want to add a lot of weight to your already bursting diaper bag, the Haakaa will happily go along for the ride without taking up much space or adding much weight. At just 5.6 ounces – yes 1/3 of a pound, this little wonder is an easy addition you won’t notice in your bag.

What’s more – the Haakaa isn’t big and bulky like most pumps, so you’ll be able to pump when and where you need to without making it that obvious.

Reason #6 It Fits All. The. Boobs.

Whether you’re rocking all the mom boobs or can barely notice you’re feeding a critter with those things, this pump is for you. It’s specifically designed to fit all of the sizes you can throw at it. No need to worry about whether you’ll fit or whether it’s not going to be able to get the suction it need to get the job done.

Reason #7 Save More Milk

With easy to use storage lids and the spout-like cup, you’ll be able to store your breastmilk in the Haakaa or easily transfer it over to a storage bag.

You can grab the Haakaa Leak-Proof lid here. Any storage bag will work, but these breast milk storage bags are our favorite.

Must-Have Maternity Robes For Soon-To-Be Moms

Maternity robes aren’t anything new, but THESE maternity robes… just wow. Bright and colorful, these silhouette shaped craftans were designed to highlight that bump and the butterfly sleeves were designed to create a flowy feel will leave any mama feeling beautiful.

The best part is – they’re also amazing for a new mom who doesn’t feel like getting fully dressed just yet – especially when she’s nursing a baby.

Maternity Robes Make a Great Baby Shower Gift

Everyone is taking diapers and baby clothes, why not bring the stand out gift for mom? Imagine these gowns, beautifully folded with a tissue paper wrap in a beautiful crisp white box. Yep, you’re with us, aren’t you?

Maternity Robes Are A Family Keepsake

Imagine passing these robes down for generations? Just like a wedding dress, these maternity gowns mark an important moment in history. Why not buy a gown that is worthy of generations of mothers?

When we found these completely custom sewn robes on Etsy, we knew we had to cover them on IHP.

Let us know which color is your favorite in the comments.

maternity gown

This green maternity robe collection is what first caught our eye. Beautifully colorful and adorned with bright flowers, this robe is sure to offer a pick-me-up to any mom-to-be. Imagine a mama opening this at her baby shower! You can see this one HERE on Etsy.

champagne maternity gown

If champagne is more your color style, this designer has it! These elegant floral champagne maternity gowns are absolutely beautiful. You can pick one up here.

teal maternity gown

If you love teal, you’ll love this maternity robe collection. Accented with bright colored flowers like sunflowers and roses, these robes are a must-have in your colorful maternity and new mom wardrobe. Grab them here.

blue maternity gown

If you’re into light blue, this design set features a classic light blue with a wide range of subtle to colorful flowers. We’re personally a fan of the second one from the left. Browse the set here.

navy maternity gown

Okay, I’ll take that sunflower and navy blue robe right now, please. GAH! Which is your favorite maternity gown out of this set? Grab them here.

mint maternity gown

We love all of these mint maternity robes with pops of pink and purple. We’re thinking we need one of each. How about you? Check them out here.

We love these robes and we hope you do too.

As a note, the links to these gowns are an affiliate link. We love covering them and were not compensated for sharing, however, if you purchase a gown via our link, we will receive a commiission at no additional cost to you.