Frost & Snowflakes Winter Maternity Session

Little Lamb Photography is back with another stunning gallery full of Wintery awesomeness. This session was taken at 32 weeks, which proved to be a great thing for this little family. Their little girl was born early just a few days later!

From the photographer:

This couple wanted an outdoor winter maternity photo session in the snow. The day we scheduled actually ended up snowing, which created such a beautiful winter wonderland background and well as beautiful snowflakes falling everywhere. It was a good thing we shot their maternity session when she was only 32 weeks pregnant, because their daughter was born a few days later–two months early! At least they have these maternity photos to cherish. Their preemie is now a healthy baby girl.

– Linda, Little Lamb Photography


I love, love snow on trees and this session is proof that natural backdrops are a great compliment to every shoot. What better way to celebrate your pregnancy than with a session like this?

Without further adieu …



Check out this pregnancy announcement!

From the mother shown in these photographs:

I had a feeling (and I was hoping!) that I might be pregnant as I was a few days late, so I purchased a couple of pregnancy tests. My husband David and I were packing for our summer vacation at the cottage, so I decided to take the test before we left for our trip. When the test came back negative, I was very disappointed, especially so as we had been trying to start a family for some time. I told David and he was disappointed too but he could also see how it affected me so he did his best to try and make me smile and move past the test result. We continued to pack for our vacation, and unbeknownst to David, I decided to pack another pregnancy test, just in case.

Fast forward five days into our vacation and I was still unusually late. I decided to take the other pregnancy test without telling David – I thought if I did let him know, I might jinx the result. After taking the test, the result flashed up – it was positive!!! My hands were shaking as I held the test – I just couldn’t believe it! I was so excited that I raced outside to find David. When I found him, I told him to close his eyes and hold out his hands. After reading the result, David was so surprised and extremely happy. He high-fived me (which I thought was hilarious) and then gave me a big hug and kiss too!

A few weeks ago, my cousin shared with me that she is expecting a baby in April and asked me for some advice on things she needed to buy to get ready for the baby. I told her that the baby gear industry is like the wedding industry – there is no limit to what’s available and it can be hard not to get sucked in by all the cute little things you think you need to buy. Knowing that, we didn’t go crazy buying stuff at all. As a close friend told me – you really don’t need much during the first few months. The really important things are love and attention, food, some clothes and a safe and warm place to sleep. Anything beyond that you can easily get later (stores are still open!) and having some time at home with your baby can really help you get to know each other better and help determine what other essentials they may need.

For us, we only got what we thought were the essentials, namely a car seat, a bassinet, a few clothes (onesies and sleepers), blankets for swaddling baby, diapers and a change pad. Everything else we purchased as needed or were received as gifts from family and friends and from my baby shower. Due to this approach, I can honestly say that there’s only one thing we bought that our baby didn’t really use – a bouncing chair – she just didn’t enjoy sitting in it!

Simple and timeless all in one photograph, this image is sure to be a keepsake.



My favorite of the album, the snow covered tree and mama are absolutely stunning!






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11 Fall Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves and colors and pumpkin everything and hoodies and cool weather makes it magical. When you’re having a Fall or early Winter baby, incorporating the seasons theme into your baby shower is a must-do.

If you’re not throwing your own shower, suggest this post to your friends or family for some amazing ideas.

Here’s the top 11 Fall Themed Baby Shower Invitations we found (and love) on Etsy.

Here comes the little pumpkin. This super cute invitation is sure to be a winner.

Grab this gem on Etsy here.

fall baby shower ideas invitations

A little pumpkin is on the way! This DIY printable invitation is perfect for the leaf and fall themed shower you have planned. Grab it here.

fall baby shower invite

This next shower invitation is an unusual yet lovely mix of colors. This is also a DIY print, meaning you buy it, download it and print it yourself. This makes it great if you’re in a time crunch. Grab this one here.


I am kind of loving the unique color choices in some of these invites. This invitation allows you to bring in SO many unusual and unique fall colors. Grab it here. Can you imagine a shower theme around this?


I kind of love this simple rustic card idea. It leaves room for a creative and unique baby shower. Grab it on Etsy here.


So seriously, what’s not to love about a card that REALLY says “HEY, we’re having a FALL BABY!!” This super adorbs card is perfect for just about any shower for any lady having either gender of baby. Grab it here.


Who doesn’t love Chevron? This super sweet pumpkin invite feels like lattes and pumpkin spice.

Grab it here.


Water color is all the rage right now, so how about a watercolor pumpkin invite. Super sweet and not over the top busy, this invite is perfect for the simple sweet baby shower. Grab it here.


The use of color here, again, is unique and interesting. Of course, my fall wedding used colors very similar, so I kind of love it. Check out this design on the Its4Keeps shop on Etsy.


A unique twist to plain flat invites. This diaper with a little pumpkin clip is to cute to ignore. You need to grab this one on Etsy here.


Last but not least, this baby shower invite is perfect for a rustic or outdoor themed shower. This digital file also includes the back design. Grab it here.


Top 10 Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Are you dressing for two this Halloween? Why not have fun with your little bun in the oven and incorporate your bump into the festivities. Heck, you may even get more candy out of the deal.

Came in like a wrecking ball. Well, maybe not yet, but you may as well have fun with it in the meantime. This simple DIY costume is sure to have people smiling along with you.


Another head turner DIY idea, incorporate that belly, add a mustache and a beer can prop and billy bob it this year. Add some funny teeth for even more effect on this costume.

Personally, my kids would freak out if I dressed up like this, but if your kiddos are older or you’re working on your first kiddo, this pregnancy costume might be for you. Add some wings, two horns and a a little fake blood and you’re good to go.


A popular product, Prego jars have been popular for a couple years. Why not BE the Prego jar this year. Be the jar. Beeeee the jar. A red tee and a couple pieces of felt and you’re good to go.18c437c14cddce8c38fc55aef50429a3

Incorporating Dad into the costume this year? Here’s a cute idea for getting him in on the candy. This costume idea is available on Etsy and ready to go.

Another Dad incorporation, this DIY costume is simple, fast and easy. Perfect for last minute costumes, just pick up some hats, fabric paint and construction paper to rock out the bump ahead pregnancy costume.

Going to admit here that this one creeped me out, but it landed in our top 10 for pure creativity. You aren’t putting this one together at the last minute (unless you’re super woman), but you’ll surely be winning top prize for originality. 4a60d0170a47a6235d769f7d52f148cb

How about some bacon, eggs and toast? This cute family costume idea is sure to be a hit. Some foam, fabric and glue and you’re ready to go.3bf6e5c283d49ae775b7c81223894f01


Are you incorporating a little munchkin and your pregnancy into a costume theme this year? Check out this little elephant and peanut.



Watch for more cute ideas on our Pregnancy Halloween Costume Pinterest board.

Lucy Liu Welcomes A Son – His Adorbs Name and Secret Birth

If you love Lucy Liu, you’re probably just as surprised as we were to learn that the 46-year-old actress is a new mom.

This black-and-white image posted to Twitter introducing her new son Rockwell Lloyd Liu, caught all of us off guard.
Copyright Lucy Liu

It has been confirmed that Lucy used a surrogate to help her become a mother. From what we see in this picture, Lucy Liu is sure to become the mom we see swooning over her kiddo all over Hollywood.

While we’re ogling over the name and utter cuteness of this picture, let’s take a moment to thank moms everywhere of every kind – including those who help us achieve our dreams of motherhood by carrying a child for us.

Congratulations Lucy!

Celebrate in Style With This Cream Maternity Dress

Are you looking for the perfect dress for that maternity photo shoot?

Are you ready to announce your pregnancy and want to do it with amazing pictures? T

his dress is perfect in all light and backdrop settings. Shoot in a studio or in a flower field – or both. Use it for multiple clients or buy it for yourself and pass it down as a keepsake. Grab this timeless classic maternity dress today.


This cream maternity dress is a one size fits most. Please CLICK HERE for size details and to order.



A28 (12) A28 (11) A28 (10) A28 (9)


A28 (8) A28 (7) A28 (6)


A28 (5) A28 (4) A28 (3) A28 (2) A28 (1)