Nursery Trends for 2019 – What to Expect

Nurseries. Oh, sweet beautiful nurseries.

We’ve all seen the pictures on Pinterest. The gorgeous nursery pictures make us all swoon. We create boards and start planning it all out months in advance. Right?

In 2019, we’re seeing the trends for nurserys head towards the bold and organic.

What does that mean?

Bold lines, bright walls, colorful accents and all things wood.

Gold and Pink.

A classic. Greys and white. Can we take a minute to admire that wall?

Want A Baby That Sleeps? The Nursery Decor Is More Important Than You Think

When you first got pregnant, how long did it take before you started visualizing what your baby’s nursery was going to look like?

Go ahead. I won’t judge.

Because I usually it is one of the first things most of my pregnant friends and clients do, honestly.
Zoo animals, pooh Bear, cute butterflies, Calvin and Hobbes and do many other ideas my clients have when they come to me asking for advice about how the perfect nursery should be? As a Sleep expert my clients ask me this often because they want to make sure that their nursery will be a good sleep place above everything else.

I confess they get a little disappointed when I tell them to paint it a nice, neutral earth-tone and spent the rest of their times researching crib mattresses and sleep sacks.

When it comes to nurseries I’ve got four words of advice for you.

Dark, cool, comfortable, and boring.

I know how tempting it is to stuff baby’s sleeping quarters full of adorable mobiles, inspiring images, and fluffy, squishy toys. After all, wouldn’t baby want to be surrounded by a sea of cuteness while they drift off to sleep?
Well, probably not.

I mean, they may like it in theory, but it’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep, for the same reasons that you shouldn’t bring your iPad to bed, or watch TV while you’re drifting off. It’s stimulating, and stimulation and sleep are best kept at a distance from one another.

So what does the perfect nursery look like?

It’s dark

I’m talking pitch black. Some blackout curtains or blinds are a much better investment than a colorful mural. I’m a huge advocate of baby sleeping in the same place all the time, which means naps should be in the crib. And you’ll find naps go down with a lot less fuss if there’s no light coming into the room.

It’s cool

It may sound cold, but studies show that babies sleep best in a room that kept between 65 and 70 degrees. Obviously, you should follow your baby’s lead on this, but a warm, comfortable sleep sack or onesie in a cool room will often lead to better sleep than no cover in a warm one.

It’s comfortable

Babies sleep for nearly half the day, so a great mattress is a sound investment. It’s well worth your time to do some extensive research and spend the money you had set aside for mobiles and stuffies on the surface baby’s going to be spending the vast majority of their time on. Which brings me to my major point…

It’s boring

Music and soft light, pictures of Disney characters, swirling colors and little plastic fish, all of them seem like they should have a calming effect on a baby, but it’s just the opposite. These standard nursery accompaniments are distracting and stimulating. Blank walls and an easily accessible changing station, those are your best decorating choices when it comes to baby’s bedroom.

I know it’s probably a little bit of a tough pill to swallow for new parents, because we really do look forward to putting together a little corner of baby-themed paradise for our little ones. But bear in mind, this room serves a crucial function in your baby’s day-to-day life, and that’s to be a quiet, relaxing environment for them to get the extensive amounts of sleep that their
growing bodies need. You may have a boring baby room but you also will have a baby that seeps well and I promise you, it is worth it.


Pachi P.

Baby Sleep Expert

10 Nursery Quotes for Little Girls

Finding decor for little girls is super easy, but it’s those finishing touches that make it just right. I’ve rounded up a list of some of the cutest quotes for your little princesses bedroom, most of which you can print today so you can finish her room up in a hurry.

Let’s get started.

10 Nursery Quotes for Little Girls

Isn’t she lovely?

This adorable quote would be amazing in a gold frame. Pair with mint, pink or any other color combo.


Does she leave a little sparkle wherever she goes? This pretty painted wood sign is the perfect addition to a girls room that you want to use for years to come.


Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins. If your princess is full of glitter, this cute little print will be the finishing touch to her room. You can grab it here.


You are something magical. This adorable printable is another timeless classic that will add something timeless to your kiddos room. No matter what decor is to come, this will always fit in.


Let her sleep. You’ll see this twice in today’s lineup. I love the idea of the map in this graphic. I didn’t see it at first and when it hit me, I was like YAAASS!!! So, see how to make this one for yourself here.


You are kind. You are smart. You are important. What makes this printable awesome aside from the super adorable quote? It’s FREE! And the people said, amen. If you loved this movie as much as me – or this quote – grab it today.


Never grow up in a rose and gold print – gah! It’s HOT right now and your nursery can be too with this adorable print.


Let her sleep. This popular quote is often seen, but this is the cutest design I’ve seen in a while. You can grab it here.


Another take on “Isn’t she lovely.” this quote is perfect for the kiddos that love floral. You can grab it here.


Kid, you’ll move mountains. This black and white printable is an instant classic.