12 Gifts for Your Guys First Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the perfect opportunity for creative pregnancy announcements has never been so easy. We’ve rounded up the top 12 creative gifts you can find on Etsy to help you make the big announcement to your baby daddy.

Let’s Get Started….



Dad Fish Hook Keychain

If your SO is into fishing, why not tell him he’s getting a new fishing buddy with this adorable fishing buddy keychain?



Daddy Bear Mug Set

Mama and Daddy Bear never looked so much like a pregnancy announcement as they do right now. This mug set could be used SO many ways! Grab that cuppa cuppa and sit down at breakfast with your mugs and watch as he slowly puts it all together. You can grab these mama and daddy bear mugs HERE on Etsy.

PS. Send video.



Proof Daddy Doesn’t Play Games All Day

Nope, he wasn’t playing games all day and now you get to tell him about the rewards for his labors.



Guess What Onesie

If you’re going for the obvious, this cute little onesie is about as straight forward as it gets. Guess What can be snagged HERE.



Our First Father’s Day Set

If your wee babe is already here, this adorable set from Zoey’s Attic might fit the bill. Celebrate his first Father’s Day with this customizable Daddy Bear and your kiddos name.



Dad Card

He’s never gotten a card on Father’s Day, but this year…. strangely… BAM



Achievement Unlocked: Become a Daddy

For the gamer husband, this tee might just become the favorite. Achievement unlocked: become a daddy is available on Etsy here.


You’re Going to Be A Daddy Onesie

Another not-so-subtle onesie, this straight to the point gift will most likely take them a second to process. Again, we want to see the video, k pumpkin?

Grab it here.



Daddy Gadget Stand

This might be my favorite in the round up. What a better way to remind him every day when he comes home that he’s got a bun in the oven. The perfect gift for years of pride. Grab it here.



Heartbeat Wood

Did you record your confirmation sounds? This little burnt wood heart beat block might be just the ticket.


You’re Going to Be a Dad in Bottom of Coffee 

Sipping, sipping, sipping, screaming.

This mug couldn’t be any more fun.



Love and Heart Set

I lied about the wood being my favorite. This tee set might take the cake. From BooTees (um, adorable name), this set comes with pressies for the whole family.

We’d love to see how you make your announcement. Be sure to tag us on IG @IHeartPregnancy


Jason Aldean’s Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal

Alright ladies, it’s time for the big le-sigh.

Jason Aldean, the country singing heartthrob, and his wife surprised us all with this simple pregnancy announcement posted to his wife’s Instagram a few weeks ago. We’re so happy for the gorgeous couple and we can’t wait to see the adorable baby to be… but that’s not all.

A follow-up to the pregnancy announcement was posted this week. The gender reveal included a video of Aldean, his wife and his two girls from a previous relationship popping balloons to learn what they were having.

It's a……..

A post shared by Brittany Aldean (@brittanyaldean) on

Of course comments on the IG for the gender reveal include everything from congrats to tears, but we’re just happy for the country couple. No doubt we’ll be seeing pictures of the cutie in the near future.

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

Did you know that May is Pregnancy Awareness Month?

It’s true! Around a decade ago May was declared Pregnancy Awareness Month. The organization behind it has since gone bust, but we can still celebrate, right? Let’s talk about how you can celebrate with us and join in on the month dedicated to those of us with bumps.

Join A Pregnancy Community

You can celebrate your pregnancy by joining a group of mamas going through pregnancy right along side you. It’s a great way to connect with others who are feeling and experiencing the same thing as you.

Here’s a few we recommend:

  • I Heart Pregnancy on Facebook
  • Nub Theory Guesses  Facebook Group

Prepare Your Announcement

If you haven’t announced already, now is an amazing time so long as you’re ready. We have found SO many pregnancy announcements we love on Etsy. We also have some amazing Pinterest boards here that are chalked full of great ideas.

Announcing your pregnancy can be as simple as telling family and friends or as fun as leading them on a scavenge hunt. Let’s not forget all of the fun and creative ideas for announcing your pregnancy.

This is still one of my all-time favorites:


Plan Your Party

If you or your family is excited to get your party on, there are so many options.

  • Have a gender reveal party.
  • Have one (or many) baby showers.
  • Host a moms night out.

Find a Photographer

Maternity photographers are SO important. Incase you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of obsessed with maternity photography. We like to share a lot of poses, styles, trends and viral photographers because there are so many creative ideas out there – and they get better every day.

If you’re wondering if you should hire a pro, I’m just sayin’….


Finally, Pregnancy Awareness Month was all about celebrating your pregnancy and that’s what we’re here to do. We only get a chance to experience pregnancy for a limited time in our lives. Let’s make it so amazingly awesome and full of memories that we can cherish them for the rest of our lives.