15 Baby Names in Honor of the John Muir Trail

If your little soon-to-be trail warrior is due for an adventurous name, why not don the name of some of the lakes, passes, peaks, flora, or fauna from one of the most amazing trails in the United States – the John Muir Trail.



After John Muir himself.


Named after the Lyell Canyon on the John Muir Trail. A easy day thru hike or a great addition to your JMT trek. If you haven’t heard of it, check out these photos.


Mather Pass is yet another beautiful addition to the JMT. The first director of the National Park Service.


You’ve probably heard of Ansel Adams. His black and white photographs of iconic landscapes continue to be a staple in the landscape photography world.


After Parker Pass on the JMT.


A long narrow elevated land formation. The ridge is often the most beautiful vantage point.


After the Forrester Pass. The last pass on the JMT and the highest.


After the San Joaquin River that ambles near the JMT.


Because it might be the coolest name. Ever.


To walk or march a great distance. Hiker is a strong name or a boy or girl.


To journey on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas. A trekker is a very determined person.


A 14er, Mount Whitney is the completion of the trail and the goal of many on the trail.


After Banner Peak on the JMT, Banner Peak is a beautiful and photogenic portion of the trail. Check out the photos here.


So many meanings, Cedar is a great name to stand for Cedar Grove on the JMT or Cedar tree.


With so many great names to choose from, we’re sure a couple will end up on your baby name list.

What is Skull Theory

Skull theory is the idea that you can determine the gender of a baby via ultrasound by looking at the angle or shape of the brow of the skull. It is said that girl have more of a pitch to their skull and boys have a more rounded skull.

skull1You can see in the image above that the brow on the male skull is a little more defined than that of the girls, while the forehead of the girl is less rounded.

Baby Name of The Day: America

America, America, God shed his grace on thee.

The name America holds so much meaning. Maybe you’re a family actively protecting our country. Perhaps you want to honor someone in your family. Maybe you’re a patriot and you want to show it by naming your kiddo after the country you love. Add this name to your favorites list.

10 Baby Names for Outdoor Lovers

Some of us live for the outdoors.

I am writing this blog post while sitting on my back porch overlooking the Sierra mountains, drooling over posts from a local hiking group and waiting until 2017 to join them (I am currently 5 months pregnant).

Outdoorsy names are increasing in popularity. Names like Hunter and Gunnar are moving up in the popularity list at light speed.

Regardless, you can find a unique and interesting name to leave your lasting ode to the outdoors. We managed to scrape up 10 amazing names that aren’t overused and are absolutely ADORBS!

Here’s our list of 10 super cute baby names for outdoors lovers.


  1. Trekker

  2. Stone

  3. Fox

  4. Ridge

  5. Sparrow

  6. Fisher

  7. River

  8. Rio

  9. Canyon

  10. Archer

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