Mandala Photography, Aurora Colorado Maternity Photographer

When this submission came through, we decided we would post it as our FIRST maternity photography magazine session ever. Yes, we have posted maternity photos before, but we launched the submission form earlier this year to allow more photographers to submit their sessions – and as you can see here, Mandala Photography sets the bar high.

This beautiful first-time mom is glowing in her red dress set against the Colorado landscape. Photographer Amanda Scott of Mandala Photography based in Aurora, Colorado submitted this session.

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10 Winter Maternity Dresses You Need For An Amazing Photo Shoot

If you’re pregnant during the winter and still want those fairy tale maternity sessions, look no further than this post. Seriously, we’re ogling over these masterpiece pregnancy gowns that will make that dreamy winter photo session a reality.

We’re starting off with a show stopper. This beautiful gown by Silk Fairies also comes in a STUNNING jewel blue.

Silk Fairies is back with a velvet blue gown that is sure to make the heirloom wall-sized canvas of your dreams.

We couldn’t find this dress with a sample maternity photo session, but these sleeves. G.A.H!!! Someone please grab this one and get it in front of a snowy winter maternity session for us, puh-leaassseee?!?!

Grab this winged beauty here.

If you’re not a snow kind of gal, the cool tones in this dress make for a perfect indoor shoot with natural winter light. I mean, who doesn’t love these tones?

This tulle skirt is the perfect addition to that perfect coverlet. This is great for indoor or outdoor sessions and would be an amazing addition if you’re wanting to take photos in the future with the little girls in your family.

This gown is so amazing, I had to grab one of the indoor and one of the outdoor session photos. This dress would be amazing for anyone who wants to do an indoor and outdoor session. You can get this from ManuallyProps on Etsy.

Dreams Dresses is so unique that I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like it for quite some time. This dress is a unique style and color, which makes it equally perfect for that perfect maternity photography session.

Leah Marie Couture rounds out our list with one of the most stunning black maternity dresses we have ever seen. This gown set against a white snow backdrop is the definition of epic.

No matter which dress you choose, any of these gowns are sure to make for an epic photo. If you have used one of these gowns in your photo session, be sure to tag us on IG @IHeartPregnancy and we’ll repost.

13 Winter Maternity Photography Ideas

Winter maternity photography sessions can be just as magical as any other time of the year. These 13 samples are why we believe that it just might be the most amazing time of the year to be pregnant (hello, it’s HOT in the summer!)

Not only do you get the benefit of not having to deal with the heat and pregnancy all at the same time, you also get to plan amazing sessions involving snow, beautiful winter hues and amazing gowns you couldn’t pull off during a Summer pregnancy.

Let’s get this photo party started, shall we?!?

First up, this green dress paired with that halo and faux fur vest is amazing. It helps that this mama is GLOWING! She knows she gorgeous.

Winter Maternity Photography


Where to find this?

  • Green dress similar to this one here.
  • Fur Vest here.
  • Leaf crown here.

If you aren’t into gowns and freezing cold, how cute is this totally bundled photo session? 6908886a691cdcb0d44550a506b6dcd1


Where to find this:

  • Grey knit sweater dress here.
  • Grey throw blanket here.
  • Faux sheepskin rug here.

Winter. Snow. Frozen lake. Yes, please.



We love this setup, but it takes some imagination.

Here’s what we put together for this one:

  • Grey tulle skirt here.
  • Black lace top here.

When you’re planning for number two and you want a family photo session and a winter maternity session all in one, this is what you get – a totally adorable family enjoying the snow and a beautiful mama rockin’ that winter baby bump.



Snow. Trees. Adorable Couple. CHECK!!!

We’re loving the plaid outfit and overall cute of this session.



Can we just say how much we love Sew Trendy? I mean, look at the gowns they make and how they make these mama’s look AMAZING. We love this color set against the winter landscape.



Another cute couple photo set in the snow. A photo like this is a keepsakes this family will be sure to enjoy for generations to come.



Sew Trendy back on the list with another amazing gown (Actually, they pretty much make up the rest of the list). The colors in her dress and the hue of the background, combined with that floral crown is beyond gorgeous.



Just when we thought we’d found our favorite color set against the white background. There’s this.



I don’t know what it is about this picture, but I want it all. The lightly snow covered trees, the white shadow of the path behind her. LOVE.



So if you take and amazing gown, a floral crown and an abandoned set of stairs, you get this amazing shot.



A ray of light, a pond, a pinkish blue sky, a floral crown, an amazing gown and a baby bump. In all seriousness, what else do they need here? Print me the largest canvas!



Another snow-covered photo session that needs no caption other than, wow mama, you rocked it.



No matter if you decide on an indoor or outdoor maternity photography session this season, we hope you’ll take the time to find an amazing photographer that will forever capture the moment. These are some great examples and standards to look for. You can click on the “source” link under each image to find the dress and/or the photographer.

14 Pregnant Mama’s Who Rocked Their Bikini

Not sure if you can rock a bikini with your baby bump? These 14 mama’s prove that pregnancy is the PERFECT time to rock that bumpini. Whether on the beach or by the pool, there’s always a good reason to keep that bump nice and cool.

Big bumps, little bumps, they all look great in a bikini.

Add some sun glasses and you’re ready to go.

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Hats are a perfect accessory.

Not sure if wearing a bikini while pregnant is for you? Why not give it a try!

These mama’s are proving that a pregnancy bump on the beach is the perfect celebration of bumps.

Just incase you needed a little more motivation to put on that bikini while pregnant.

Big belly? Don’t let that stop you!

Sometimes the best place to show that bump is in exotic places.

When even the daddy thinks it’s hot.

Beaches are for hot mama’s in bikinis.

Apparently he was excited. #caption. LOL

She is really rocking that bumpini.

And finally, I mean, here’s your motivation to just do it.

11 Pregnant Mermaid Photography Sessions You Need To See

Mermaids have been all the rage for the last year or so, but did you know that mermaid maternity photography is a thing?

Yes, all of the yaassses. It is and we’re about to break out one of the best collections of mermaid imagery known to female kind.

Yes, this entire post is full of nothing but pregnant mermaids.


You can do it.

First things first…

Most of these images were found on good-ole Pinterest. We created a board HERE if you’d like to follow. Cause you know you wanna.

Let’s get this wet wonder started.

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In Her Image photography just about killed us with this one. Seriously. If you have never heard of her, ya’ll. Not even joking, you need to head over there.

Ready for it?

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.04.55 PM


Yep, you gasped didn’t you? Breathe mama. We aren’t done yet.

Many of these images didn’t have a watermark or link to the photographer, so here it goes….





Can you imagine this one, but the mermaid is you? Call your photographer people. You need this. Forever. Seriously.



Can we just comment on the props on this one? This is totally authentic. Maybe …it’s… a REAL MERMAID!



This one. Just wow. Mermaid finds an amazingly beautiful flowery patch and happens to cover her hooties with her perfectly curled hair. And we LOVE IT.


Classic mermaid. You didn’t know they made those, did you?


You know what? The angle of this shot. LOVE.


Okay, we’re throwing you for  a loop on this one. Obs, not a pregnant mermaid, but we wanted to pretend because this image. GAH.

Taylor Boyd gets the props for this one.


I don’t know what we love more about this one .. the golden hour, the huge shell, the adorable props, the beautiful mama. Just. I mean.


Another hot mermaid has washed up on the beach and her hair … perfection. And the image, well, take a look for yourself.


This pregnant mermaid managed to land herself a man AND a pup and some amazing swag. Get. It. GIRL!





We’d like to give credit where it’s due and most of these images were direct upload. We were only able to find one artist to link back to. If any of these images are yours, please let us know so we can give you credit.

27 Magical Milk Bath Maternity Photography Sessions

Milk bath maternity arrived on the scene a few years ago and it’s been making us all swoon ever since. Maternity photographers have embraced this idea and as you’ll see in the images we’re about to share, they’re nailing it. While we’re giving props, we’d like to thank these moms who undoubtedly thought their photographer was insane when they suggested this idea.

Milk Bath Maternity and Flowers Side Pose

My favorite pose because it’s unique, this side belly maternity milk bath pose coupled with these gorgeous flowers and just the right amount of haze made the top of the list.


Dreamy Maternity Milk Bath Session


Vintage Maternity Milk Bath Session


Top View Milk Bath Maternity Session


All Belly Milk Bath Pregnancy Session


Organic Milk Bath Photography Session


Something Blue Milkbath Maternity Session

Augusta Photography Studio 2016
Augusta Photography Studio 2016

Sage and Mauve Milk Bath Maternity Session



Frame Milk Bath Maternity Session


All Belly Milk Bath Maternity


Halo Milk Bath Maternity Photography Session


Subtle Belly Milk Bath Maternity Session


Organically Blue Milk Bath Photography


All Mama Milk Bath Maternity Photography


Flower Fields Milk Bath Maternity Session


Pretty in Peonies Milk Bath Maternity Photography


Pretty Mama Milk Bath Maternity Session


Flower Halo Maternity Session


Simply Beautiful Milk Bath Maternity Session


Ravishing in Red Maternity Session


Pretty in Pink Floral Milk Bath Maternity Session


Mauve Marvel Floral Maternity Session


Gorgeous Greens Milk Bath Maternity Session


Boho Beautiful Milk Bath Pregnancy Photography


All Mama Milk Bath Maternity Session



If you are the photographer or mama shown here and you are not credited, please comment below. Many of these georgous images do not have watermarks or the websites were down or out of business.