9 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you’re breaking the news this Christmas, have no fear, our Pregnancy Christmas Announcement Ideas are here!! (Que super hero theme song.)

Figure out Your Pregnancy Announcement Style

The first step is to figure out your announcement style. Do you want to see if people will notice at the family Christmas party or do you want to give something special to the grandparents-to-be? Deciding how you want to tell your family you’re expecting is the first step.

Once you’ve determined your style, you can then take a look at ideas others have pulled off gloriously. Or, if you have no idea what to do, the following ideas will help you get your game plan in place.

Look at What Others Have Done

Go as a present.

If you’re telling the whole family all at once, why not wrap a cute bow around it and make a little DIY christmas gift tag.

Give Grandma and Grandpa a countdown frame with a copy of the ultrasound inside.

Make a space on the mantle for baby.

Let the elf spill the beans.

Include baby on the Christmas card.

And the Christmas ornament.

Give grandma and grandpa something to open to make the pregnancy announcement – and a little keepsakes. You can find these on Etsy here.

Let your family members open a present that includes a custom piece of “We’re expecting” clothing.

Wear a matching set to the family Christmas party and see how long it takes someone to figure it out.

There are so many options for telling your family you’re expecting this Christmas season. We are constantly adding new ideas to our Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas board on Pinterest.

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