Countryside Maternity Session by Little Lamb Photography

This is our FIRST ever maternity session submission and we have to say that we LOVED every second of the time we spent looking through these images. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom and follow the link to Little Lamb Photography’s website to see the whole gallery.

In the meantime, we have to say – just. wow.

Maternity photography is all about capturing a fleeting moment. New parents. New families. A whole new life. Everything about it is inspiring and beautiful and Linda not only captured it here, but we felt as though the images are timeless heirlooms that this couple and future generations will be able to look back on and gasp at the beauty of this mother and the love between these two in these photographs.

So without further adieu.

Linda Borrego from Little Lamb Photography shot this countryside maternity photography session around Wakefield, QC Canada. We fell in love with the location. Between the field of Queen Anne’s Lace, the covered bridge and the hay field, we can’t help but adore the organic feel of this session.

Linda had this to say about the session:

“This couple wanted to have their photos taken in a field of Queen Anne’s lace. After driving around a bit to scout locations, we ended up at this beautiful spot in the countryside. It had an old covered bridge, lots of farmers’ fields as well as this open field of Queen Anne’s lace. It ended up being a perfect spot on a perfect night. I love shooting during golden hour, so we shot this in the early evening. I especially love to include the partner in maternity sessions, since both people are involved in the love and care for the baby.”

We hope you enjoy this session as much as we did!

little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-1A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-2A

Can we just stop right here and say WOW! Look at the glow on this mama in the next picture. With the golden hour lighting and this beautiful field of Queen Anne’s Lace, this is a heirloom that will forever completely and beautifully capture this pregnancy for generations to come.

little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-4A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-5A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-6AB little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-8A

This is my second or third favorite of this group. What’s not to love here?


Another favorite of ours. We so love this covered bridge shot. They both look over-the-moon in this shot. AHH!!

little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-10A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-11A

So how completely adorable is this??!?!


little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-14A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-15A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-16A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-17A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-18A little-lamb-photography-maternity-photos-19A

Check out the entire gallery on Little Lamb Photography’s website and be sure to head over to Little Lamb Photography’s Facebook page to send some love and check out Linda’s work.



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