28 Hilarious and Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

hilarious pregnancy announcement ideas

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Learning that you’ll soon be welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world is an exciting and wonderful time. Of course, announcing that you’re pregnant deserves some thought as you look forward to sharing this happy news with your loved ones.

Some people like their pregnancy announcements to be picture perfect, spending time finding all the right props, engaging professional services and setting up the perfect backdrop for their announcement.

Others may take a witty and creative route, wanting to inject some humor into a funny pregnancy announcement. If you like to make people laugh and are ready to announce your pregnancy, then take a look at how these families chose to share their exciting news in these funny pregnancy announcements!

Under Construction

What a creative and amusing way to announce the arrive of your bub! Grab some chalk or paint and draw out your bump along with your expected due date!

Your Present is on Backorder

This funny baby onesie sure is a creative way to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends!

Little Prego Chef

Find some pasta, Prego sauce and your little chef to put together this adorable and unique pregnancy announcement.

For the Lego Fans

Grab your Lego MiniFigure and announce your pregnancy in Lego style!

Now Showing

This creative movie poster pregnancy announcement will have your friends and family laughing. Add your due date as the release date and advertise who is starring in this epic movie!

Oops We Did it Again

Britney Spear’s classic song is used so well in this pregnancy announcement idea. This is a super easy digital pregnancy announcement that you can post straight on to your social media to share with family and friends!

A Child is Coming

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this fun pregnancy announcement will be right up your alley! Bonus – this Star Wars print pregnancy announcement can double up as a nursery decor too.

Not a Food Baby, I’m Pregnant!

There’s something sweet growing and it’s because of all the doughnuts! This funny take on a pregnancy announcement will have your loved ones laughing.

The One Where We Have a Baby

This one’s for the Friends fans. Announce your pregnancy with one of these t-shirts featuring the classic Friends episode titles.

Player 3, Coming Soon

Nothing says you love gaming more than this creative pregnancy announcement photo. Add the expected date for your newborn and you’ve got yourself a hilarious announcement!

Netflix & Chill

You can literally Netflix and Chill or you can ‘Netflix and Chill’…and in this case, this baby bodysuit says it all.

Tested Positive

When it’s positive for the happiest of reasons!

One More Baby

Take this creative pregnancy announcement idea and announce your pregnancy with a customized movie poster.

A Bun in the Oven

Send a personalized note to your loved ones with this sweet and creative pregnancy announcement card.

Pet Pregnancy Announcement

Include your pet in your funny pregnancy announcement! After all, your four-legged child is gaining a 2 legged family member too.

We’re Avin’ a Baby!

Wear this avocado sweater to share your baby news with those around. This cute pregnancy announcement idea will have your friends and family melting!

I know, I know, it’s a common pregnancy myth that you’re now eating for two. But who doesn’t love to indulge every once in a while on some chicken wings? Just make sure you’re balancing your nutrients out later with something healthier!

Baby Belly

This hilarious pregnancy announcement says it all. Grab a shirt for you and your partner to complete the funny announcement!

Eating for Two

Growing up with a Tamagotchi

Fur Baby Promoted

Get your pets involved with a cute bandana and photoshoot to announce your upcoming baby.

We’re Prego!

Mommy Shark Due Due

You might get the annoyingly catchy song in your head, but this chalk signboard is a simple and unique way to announce your baby bump to your family and friends.

Careful, baby bump ahead!

Guess that Pokemon!

Grab some paint and go to town painting this Pokeball onto your growing baby bump. This punny pregnancy announcement idea will have all Pokemon fans laughing!

Double Trouble or Double the Fun?

A creative way to announce that you’re expecting twins (or more!).


Combine your love for Jurassic Park with your good news in this humorous pregnancy announcement idea. Grab a Pregosaurus t-shirt and pair it with some comfy jeans to share about your upcoming bub!

No Wine, Please!

Sibling Eviction Notice

It’s not just mom and dad expecting, the siblings are also getting a promotion and a new space!

I hope you’ve found something creative to inspire your funny pregnancy announcement. Have fun and good luck!



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