He Loves Hunting. She’s Got A Secret. Photographer Captures The Moment He Learns He’s Getting A Hunting Buddy

He loves hunting and she’s got a secret, so why not make an event out of it?

Watch as this hunter learns he’s getting a hunting buddy in this series of photos by Kasey Stringer Photography. Beautifully shot and full of emotion, these pregnancy announcement photos are a timeless treasure that this family will not soon forget.

Congrats Wade and Brandi!

From the photographer:

Brandi called me and said, “I need to schedule a shoot.” I about fell out! I KNEW why! Wade was at the camp hunting and we had to find a way to get him home before we both bust. So I told her I would think of something to tell him. We all know that Wade isn’t shy of the camera so I thought if I told him I needed him to model for a new “idea” I had for sessions…called Hunters and Belles, he was sure to jump on board. Sure enough, he was more than willing. I told him I wanted to announce it pretty early into the New Year so I needed to do it ASAP. So, he agreed to come home early.

Meanwhile, Brandi and I collected wardrobe and props for the shoot. We were scheming in my laundry room when my husband walked in and gave us a crazy look as we stood there staring at him like a deer in the headlights. When Brandi left, he said, “What was that all about?” I told him we were just preparing for a photoshoot..he immediately said..”She’s pregnant!” Aaaaaand because I can’t lie to a wall without passing out, I just started laughing nervously. I had to tell Brandi that someone else knew, so we corralled him into videoing it.

On New Year’s Day, Wade got up, he went out on a hunt and then came home. Me and my husband and daughter showed up at Wade’s grandparents’ home and I had to tell him I brought my sitter along. Wade was still clueless.

We started taking a couple of posed shots, with some of his fresh kill. Then I suggested he put one of the ducks in the blind bag (the bait). He asked me if I was sure and I was just like, yeah, let’s try it. He so thought I was crazy…until he opened the bag and the magic began. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

At the end, I told Wade that now he knows what a woman’s hormones are like. Confused, shocked, excited, crying, laughing.

Kudos to Brandi, holding on to those dead ducks the whole time!


















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