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Documenting your pregnancy through selfies isn’t anything new, but the techniques are ever evolving. When I was pregnant with our first, pregnancy selfies consisted of setting the timer on the camera and trying to make it back to the spot and get in a little pose in time. I’d usually get a good selfie out of the 10 or so that I’d take. Don’t laugh, totally true.

Pregnancy selfies these days are a lot easier. Most of us have some sort of smart phone, tablet or laptop that can take the picture while we’re still in view and can see what it will look like. Honestly, the time saved is so huge I am laughing at myself for spending 45 minutes trying to get in front of the timer in time AND get a good picture. I’m just accepting the fact that I didn’t move to fast when I had a huge baby belly.

If you’re trying to take amazing pregnancy selfies, here’s a few tips…

  1. Flip the camera to the front. If you’ve got a phone with a camera on the front, use it to your advantage to see what you’re taking.
  2. Try the up angle. Hold your phone above you with the viewer looking down at your face and your bump.
  3. Use photo booth. If you’ve got an apple product, you can use the photo booth to set a timer.
  4. Use beautiful mirrors. If you’ve got an amazing full length mirror or know of a beautiful location with full-length mirrors, take advantage of it.
  5. Don’t hold your phone in front of your face or your bump. Hold it off to the side.
  6. Turn off the flash.
  7. Go outside. Natural light is amazing for photographs and will add a glow to the photo.
  8. Include your partner.

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