Pregnancy Announcement Planning Checklist Printable Download

If you’re pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, you might have noticed that pregnancy announcements are kind of a big deal. Whether you’re telling your partner or spilling the beans to your family and friends, in the age of social media, presentation is everything.

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You can check out some of our pregnancy announcement ideas on the blog and also on our pregnancy announcements pinterest board, but before you do, we’ve created a printable checklist that will help you work through your announcement planning.

This checklist was designed to help you think through your options.

Do you want to tell your partner in a clever way?

Do you want to wait to tell friends until you’re past the three month mark?

Do you want to announce to your family in a special way?

And, once you’ve told everyone that is close to you, how do you want to tell your extended family, friend and colleagues on social?

You can choose to keep it simple too. It’s all up to you. We hope you enjoy this printable. Let us know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see us add in the comments.




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