Must-Have Maternity Robes For Soon-To-Be Moms

Maternity robes aren’t anything new, but THESE maternity robes… just wow. Bright and colorful, these silhouette shaped craftans were designed to highlight that bump and the butterfly sleeves were designed to create a flowy feel will leave any mama feeling beautiful.

The best part is – they’re also amazing for a new mom who doesn’t feel like getting fully dressed just yet – especially when she’s nursing a baby.

Maternity Robes Make a Great Baby Shower Gift

Everyone is taking diapers and baby clothes, why not bring the stand out gift for mom? Imagine these gowns, beautifully folded with a tissue paper wrap in a beautiful crisp white box. Yep, you’re with us, aren’t you?

Maternity Robes Are A Family Keepsake

Imagine passing these robes down for generations? Just like a wedding dress, these maternity gowns mark an important moment in history. Why not buy a gown that is worthy of generations of mothers?

When we found these completely custom sewn robes on Etsy, we knew we had to cover them on IHP.

Let us know which color is your favorite in the comments.

maternity gown

This green maternity robe collection is what first caught our eye. Beautifully colorful and adorned with bright flowers, this robe is sure to offer a pick-me-up to any mom-to-be. Imagine a mama opening this at her baby shower! You can see this one HERE on Etsy.

champagne maternity gown

If champagne is more your color style, this designer has it! These elegant floral champagne maternity gowns are absolutely beautiful. You can pick one up here.

teal maternity gown

If you love teal, you’ll love this maternity robe collection. Accented with bright colored flowers like sunflowers and roses, these robes are a must-have in your colorful maternity and new mom wardrobe. Grab them here.

blue maternity gown

If you’re into light blue, this design set features a classic light blue with a wide range of subtle to colorful flowers. We’re personally a fan of the second one from the left. Browse the set here.

navy maternity gown

Okay, I’ll take that sunflower and navy blue robe right now, please. GAH! Which is your favorite maternity gown out of this set? Grab them here.

mint maternity gown

We love all of these mint maternity robes with pops of pink and purple. We’re thinking we need one of each. How about you? Check them out here.

We love these robes and we hope you do too.

As a note, the links to these gowns are an affiliate link. We love covering them and were not compensated for sharing, however, if you purchase a gown via our link, we will receive a commiission at no additional cost to you.


Pregnancy & Dads: Why Inclusivity Matters to Our Relationships

For decades, we’ve taken for granted husbands being in the room when their wives deliver. Many of us believe that dads’ presence is important to supporting moms during childbirth, and to affirming fathers’ central roles in their children’s lives.

Despite men’s now commonplace birth attendance, Michael Odent, a French obstetrician known as the first doc to invite dads into labor and delivery, did a 180 on his earlier stance. In an interview with the British press a few years ago, Odent claimed that women are happier, and healthier, when they give birth without male partners.

Why? Men’s presence constrains women’s willingness to let go and scream. Plus Odent, an avid proponent of natural childbirth, blames husbands’ inability to emotionally handle their wives’ labor pains for increased epidurals and caesareans.

From a Relationship Coach perspective, the core issue is less whether or not Odent is right, and more: What do couples want for their birth experience?
A study from Sweden claims that, while most men attended childbirth classes, some found their secondary status challenging. Their childbirth questions were ignored or redirected to moms and, the study found, dads lacked a forum for their own fears.

I can’t help but wonder about Odent’s claim of men’s impact on epidurals and C-sections, and whether, if true, it might be related to (most) men not being invited to express, or get support for, their fears concerning their spouses’ wellbeing during childbirth.

How can these issues, or some of them, be avoided?

Here are a few pre-birth tips:

  • It’s not just expecting moms who struggle with fear about birth, so take time before the due date for both of you to acknowledge that your fears aren’t just okay, they’re completely normal.
  • Go a step further and create a space to discuss those fears about birth and parenting. Think your spouse won’t chat with you about these issues? Then encourage him (or her) to speak to someone else, e.g., a friend, colleague, or Life Coach.
  • Expecting moms can ask childbirth instructors and members of their medical/birthing team to include expecting dads as much as possible, at various stages of the process, including pre-birth, e.g., at ultrasound appointments.

Ask The Tough Questions

Ask yourselves and each other birth-prep questions centered on your relationship (vs. the mechanics of childbirth). Even if you make up your answers, just asking the questions gives each other room to express best-case wishes and, hopefully, the ability to reference those wishes the real birth process turns out differently than planned.

Questions to ask…

If I were to imagine the best birth experience, in emotional terms (let’s just assume the physical goes great), what would I want my spouse to experience?
If I were to imagine the best birth experience for me, in emotional terms (assume the physical goes great), what would I want to experience?
Ideally, what role would I want my spouse to play in my experience?
Best-case scenario, how do we want to feel about each other during the birth process?
What can we do to create the atmosphere we both want for the birth process? (e.g., playing music we love, taping our favorite photos on the wall, etc.)
What do we want to remember about our relationship, if everything we want for ourselves, and each other, flies out the window during the birth process?
For couples who consider, or really want to consider, the birth of their child a team effort—with delivering moms clearly leading the charge!—finding ways to ensure spouses, too, are consciously integrated into the process and invited to share their feelings, especially before childbirth, is not only important to us individually, but also to our relationship together.

14 Pregnant Mama’s Who Rocked Their Bikini

Not sure if you can rock a bikini with your baby bump? These 14 mama’s prove that pregnancy is the PERFECT time to rock that bumpini. Whether on the beach or by the pool, there’s always a good reason to keep that bump nice and cool.

Big bumps, little bumps, they all look great in a bikini.

Add some sun glasses and you’re ready to go.

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Hats are a perfect accessory.

Not sure if wearing a bikini while pregnant is for you? Why not give it a try!

These mama’s are proving that a pregnancy bump on the beach is the perfect celebration of bumps.

Just incase you needed a little more motivation to put on that bikini while pregnant.

Big belly? Don’t let that stop you!

Sometimes the best place to show that bump is in exotic places.

When even the daddy thinks it’s hot.

Beaches are for hot mama’s in bikinis.

Apparently he was excited. #caption. LOL

She is really rocking that bumpini.

And finally, I mean, here’s your motivation to just do it.

Top 10 Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Are you dressing for two this Halloween? Why not have fun with your little bun in the oven and incorporate your bump into the festivities. Heck, you may even get more candy out of the deal.

Came in like a wrecking ball. Well, maybe not yet, but you may as well have fun with it in the meantime. This simple DIY costume is sure to have people smiling along with you.


Another head turner DIY idea, incorporate that belly, add a mustache and a beer can prop and billy bob it this year. Add some funny teeth for even more effect on this costume.

Personally, my kids would freak out if I dressed up like this, but if your kiddos are older or you’re working on your first kiddo, this pregnancy costume might be for you. Add some wings, two horns and a a little fake blood and you’re good to go.


A popular product, Prego jars have been popular for a couple years. Why not BE the Prego jar this year. Be the jar. Beeeee the jar. A red tee and a couple pieces of felt and you’re good to go.18c437c14cddce8c38fc55aef50429a3

Incorporating Dad into the costume this year? Here’s a cute idea for getting him in on the candy. This costume idea is available on Etsy and ready to go.

Another Dad incorporation, this DIY costume is simple, fast and easy. Perfect for last minute costumes, just pick up some hats, fabric paint and construction paper to rock out the bump ahead pregnancy costume.

Going to admit here that this one creeped me out, but it landed in our top 10 for pure creativity. You aren’t putting this one together at the last minute (unless you’re super woman), but you’ll surely be winning top prize for originality. 4a60d0170a47a6235d769f7d52f148cb

How about some bacon, eggs and toast? This cute family costume idea is sure to be a hit. Some foam, fabric and glue and you’re ready to go.3bf6e5c283d49ae775b7c81223894f01


Are you incorporating a little munchkin and your pregnancy into a costume theme this year? Check out this little elephant and peanut.



Watch for more cute ideas on our Pregnancy Halloween Costume Pinterest board.