How To Tell Your Parent’s You’re Pregnant By The Guy They Hate

Telling your parents they are about to become grandparents is usually a joyous occasion, but what happens when you tell your parents the guy they absolutely despise is the father of their grandchild?

There’s usually three reactions you can expect. Some people may experience all three from their parents. Typically though, you’ll get one of these:

  • Disappointment.
  • Anger.
  • Excitement.

Before you blurt out the pregnancy news, you need to develop a game plan. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s take it a step at a time.

Do they know you’re having sex?

If you’re a minor, your parents are going to react a little differently than if you’re 27. This article is taking all of that into consideration. Obviously if you’re living with the guy, they’re going to know there’s something happening, but if they’re 99% sure you’re a virgin, the chances of them being shocked are going to be higher than usual.

Let’s Not Forget That They Understand Commitment

If they hate the guy, let’s add the shock that you’re now bound to that person for the rest of your life as an added anxiety. Parents understand commitment, even if they are divorced. Having kids with a person means you (and your family) will be seeing them around often.

Your parents will probably bring up that they hate him, or want to know why you’d have a baby with him. They may never understand (and maybe you don’t either), but at this point, it’s a moot point.

Selecting a Venue

You’ll know what’s best for you and your parents when it comes to the location and publicity of the info drop. Maybe a nice dinner out would work best. Maybe it’s better if you call a family meeting. Maybe you need to have your Grandma tell them, because she’s Grandma and she’ll have your back.

Think this part through. While it might seem like a small thing, it’s important because the location, people around, etc will set the mood for the reaction.

Your Age Plays a Role

Your age will play a HUGE role in how they react. It doesn’t matter if you’re 27 and rocking an amazing career or in high school. If they hate the guy, you’ll have to understand that EVERY word said is a result of that feeling. If you’re established, they might tell you that you’ve ruined your career. If you are living at home, they might have fears about how they’ll pay for the baby, how they’ll support you, how you’ll get through school and college. The fear is real. Just be aware of that when you break the news. There’s always, always the chance that they will be behind you 4000%.





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