Top 10 Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Are you dressing for two this Halloween? Why not have fun with your little bun in the oven and incorporate your bump into the festivities. Heck, you may even get more candy out of the deal.

Came in like a wrecking ball. Well, maybe not yet, but you may as well have fun with it in the meantime. This simple DIY costume is sure to have people smiling along with you.


Another head turner DIY idea, incorporate that belly, add a mustache and a beer can prop and billy bob it this year. Add some funny teeth for even more effect on this costume.

Personally, my kids would freak out if I dressed up like this, but if your kiddos are older or you’re working on your first kiddo, this pregnancy costume might be for you. Add some wings, two horns and a a little fake blood and you’re good to go.


A popular product, Prego jars have been popular for a couple years. Why not BE the Prego jar this year. Be the jar. Beeeee the jar. A red tee and a couple pieces of felt and you’re good to go.18c437c14cddce8c38fc55aef50429a3

Incorporating Dad into the costume this year? Here’s a cute idea for getting him in on the candy. This costume idea is available on Etsy and ready to go.

Another Dad incorporation, this DIY costume is simple, fast and easy. Perfect for last minute costumes, just pick up some hats, fabric paint and construction paper to rock out the bump ahead pregnancy costume.

Going to admit here that this one creeped me out, but it landed in our top 10 for pure creativity. You aren’t putting this one together at the last minute (unless you’re super woman), but you’ll surely be winning top prize for originality. 4a60d0170a47a6235d769f7d52f148cb

How about some bacon, eggs and toast? This cute family costume idea is sure to be a hit. Some foam, fabric and glue and you’re ready to go.3bf6e5c283d49ae775b7c81223894f01


Are you incorporating a little munchkin and your pregnancy into a costume theme this year? Check out this little elephant and peanut.



Watch for more cute ideas on our Pregnancy Halloween Costume Pinterest board.



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