Your Pregnancy: Due Date Calculator

Watch as Parents shows you this due date calculator! Before your bundle of joy arrives, you’ll want to know your pregnancy due date as accurately as possible to prepare by that time. If you find yourself asking “How many weeks am I?,” you can easily estimate your due date. Healthy pregnancies last about 40 weeks or 280 days from the first day of your last period. An effective due date calculator adds 280 days onto the first day of your last period. Your doctor can give you an accurate due date, as well, or visit to easily find your estimated due date. Keep in mind that a conception calculator is just an approximation, as only 5% of women give birth when they think they will. It’s all up to your little one to determine when he or she wishes to arrive. Past childbirth history or even your mother’s childbirth history could provide important clues as to when your expected due date may be. Once you’ve calculated your pregnancy due date, begin shopping for all the baby gear you want and prepare your home and family!

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